IJCNLP - Cross Lingual Information Access- Addressing the Information Need of Multilingual Societies


The Third International Joint Conference

on Natural Language Processing

January 7-12, 2008, Hyderabad, India

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Accepted Papers for CLIA 2008 workshop

  • The Effects of Language Relatedness on Multilingual Information Retrieval: A Case Study With Indo-European and Semitic Languages
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    By ::Peter Chew and Ahmed Abdelali.

  • A Document Graph Based Query Focused Multi-Document Summarizer
    click to view :    "Paper"    "Presentation"
    By :: Sibabrata Paladhi and Sivaji Bandyopadhyay.

  • Script Independent Word Spotting in Multilingual Documents
    click to view :    "Paper"    "Presentation"
    By :: Anurag Bhardwaj, Damien Jose and Venu Govindaraju.

  • Identifying Similar and Co-referring Documents Across Languages
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    By :: Pattabhi R K Rao T and Sobha L.

  • Some Experiments in Mining Named Entity Transliteration Pairs from Comparable Corpora
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    By :: K Saravanan and A Kumaran.

  • Domain-Specific Query Translation for Multilingual Information Access using Machine Translation Augmented With Dictionaries Mined from Wikipedia
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    By :: Gareth Jones, Fabio Fantino, Eamonn Newman and Ying Zhang.

  • Statistical Transliteration for Cross Language Information Retrieval using HMM alignment model and CRF
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    By :: Prasad Pingali, Suryaganesh Veeravalli, Sreeharsha Yella and Vasudeva Varma.

  • Finding parallel texts on the web using cross-language information retrieval
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    By :: Achim Ruopp and Fei Xia.