The Apple Watch SE is the new entry-level to Apple's smartwatch range

Brand new Apple Watch model with an affordable price tag

Apple Watch
(Image credit: Apple)

Apple has just announced a new, cheaper Apple Watch, called Apple Watch SE – alongside the Apple Watch Series 6 at an Apple Event today.

This exciting new entry to the Apple Watch lineup helps bulk out Apple's Keynote that may have felt more empty than usual with iPhone 12 release having been pushed back to October.

Usually, Apple unveils a new Apple Watch model at the top of the range, and then leaves previous models on-sale at a cheaper price to give buyers more price options. – hence why, up until today, you could still buy the Apple Watch Series 3. You get the latest features if you spend more, or you can save with a slightly older model. 

This is the first time Apple has ever introduced a separate model intended to be a low-price entry, mimicking its approach with the iPhone SE compared to top-end iPhones.

The Apple Watch SE uses the same design as the Series 6, but features the S5 processor (rather than the S6).

Where the Apple Watch SE differs from the Series 6 is that it won't feature an always-on display, no ECG, and of course, no Blood Oxygen sensor. 

The Apple Watch SE will be available in 40mm and 44mm sizes – in Aluminium only.

With the Apple Watch SE starting at £269 / $279 / AU$429, it's quite a bit more than the previous entry-level Apple Watch (which started at £199 / $199 / AU$299). Still, it has a great screen, excellent fitness features, health tech such as fall detection, a sleek design, fast performance, and the best smartphone integration of any wearable (as long as you have an iPhone too, of course).

The Apple Watch SE will be available from Friday.

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