Cyber Monday PS5 restock: get a PlayStation NOW!

Black Friday came with a fresh wave of PS5 consoles, and Cyber Monday is next up for another restock

PS5 review Sony PlayStation 5
(Image credit: Sony)

The PS5 launch has been and gone, but not everyone has managed to get hold of one yet, with the inventory being sold out within minutes of going live. The good news is that after Black Friday, retailers are already lining up their Cyber Monday deals that saw an Xbox Series X restock over the weekend, and the PS5 won't be far behind. 

The PS5 is available from Sony Direct right now, so hit the link for the retailer below to join the queue for the PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition. 

It'll still be a free-for-all when it comes to getting one, so make sure you've created online accounts at the retailers below and have your payment information to hand to get through the checkout process as quickly as possible. 

Sony has said it'll be replenishing PS5 stock before Christmas, so we should see retailers releasing more consoles again before the new year. In the meantime, you can check out the links below for the latest PS5 restock updates.

As well as more PS5 inventory, we're expecting a Cyber Monday Xbox Series X restock as well, with Best Buy already kicking things off over the weekend. Keep an eye on Walmart, and GameStop as well – you can jump straight to their store pages below. 

We haven't always been given advance notice of a PS5 restock before it goes live, and we may see a combination of online and in-store drops, just like Black Friday week, so be ready to hotfoot it to your local retailer as well making online accounts in advance to get through the ordering process as fast as possible. 

Buy PS5 at Sony Direct
The PS5 and PS5 Digital are available to order from Sony right not. Hit the link to join the queue, but prepare for a wait!View Deal

Buy PS5 at Best Buy
Best Buy rolled out its PS5 and Xbox Series X restock at the start of Black Friday week, and once again, it was the first to make a move this Cyber Monday with an Xbox Series X|S restock on the weekend. We'll be keeping an eye on the website today for a PS5 restock. View Deal

Buy PS5 at Walmart
Walmart has been on the ball with its next-gen console drop, and even had a second wave of stock on the European launch day. It released its Black Friday stock online, and will most likely do the same if it has a Cyber Monday drop on the cards.View Deal

Buy PS5 at GameStop
GameStop sold the PS5 and Xbox Series X in-store on Black Friday, with each location having a minimum of two consoles, with a limit of one per customer. It also released a couple of sneaky Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S bundles midweek online, so don't sleep on the website either. View Deal

Midwest retailer Meijer got in on the action on Black Friday, releasing PS5 stock online to mPerks members only. You still had to be local, as pickup was the only option available, so if it gets a Cyber Monday PS5 restock, bear that in mind, and create an account if you don't have one already.  View Deal

Buy PS5 at Amazon
We don't know when Amazon is having its PS5 restock, as the retailer doesn't usually give much in the way of notice. As one of the largest online retailers, we expect Amazon to have significantly more stock than its competitors, so keep checking the page, sign up for updates, or use one of the many Google extensions that have cropped up to notify you of when the console is back in stock. View Deal

As well as these retailers, you can also try ordering straight from the source, over on Sony's Direct page.  The added bonus there is that PS Plus members get free shipping. Both the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition are out of stock right now, but it's worth checking in over the course of the week to see if there's been a PS5 restock.   

In the meantime, you can check out our where to buy Xbox Series X guide for  a chance at snapping up Microsoft's console.