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Spring sale: 5 issues for £5/$5/€5, featuring three recent covers of T3.
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The whiff of cherry blossoms and anticipatory sun cream in the air can only mean one thing: spring is finally here. And given you’re now likely going to spend most of your time carpe-ing that diem, punting your true love across a placid lake or spying a host of golden daffodils, you might need a little extra help getting your hands on the latest T3. Fortunately, not only can it come straight to your home so you never miss an issue but you can nab yourself a fantastic spring saving into the bargain: you can currently pick up five issues of T3 for just £5/$5/€5!

Essential if you’re hooked on the latest tech, every issue of T3 is crammed from cover to cover with the brand new gadgets, from TVs to phones, smart home devices to drones. Get expert advice on the best new gadgets for upgrading your life with our in-depth reviews, guides and features. Whether you’re interested in smart speakers, laptops, techy toys, home upgrades, audio, fitness or anything else besides, T3 has got you covered.

So don’t miss out this spring – get a bargain hamper of T3 delivered straight to your doormat and your device. Receive five issues for just £5/$5/€5 – that’s almost a whopping £20 off – when you order by 10:00am GMT on 3 May!


  • Each new issue of T3 gives you access to launches of cutting edge tech, offering you the opportunity to get up-to-the-minute news and reviews on state of the art gadgets.
  • Our features offer great insight into how you can upgrade different areas of your life, whether you’re revamping your living room or transforming your commute.
  • Each section is edited by tech experts with insider knowledge of their respective industries, covering everything from 8K TVs and high-end speakers to fitness equipment and gaming hardware.
  • We can help you save some cash. Not only do our subscriptions offer great savings, but the mag is packed full of deals that will help you get top-tier tech for less. 
  • You'll never miss an issue, as our print and digital editions will come straight to you, whether you’re at home or on the go.

So if you want to secure yourself a super saving this spring, grab yourself 5 issues of T3 for just £5/$5/€5!

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Get 5 issues of T3 for just £5/$5/€5 this spring!
Swing yourself a smashing saving this spring by getting five issues of T3 for just £5/$5/€5! Save a cool 80% on the cover price and get all five delivered direct to your door. Don't miss our spring special – get yours by 10:00am GMT on 3 May.View Deal