Where to buy Clorox wipes to disinfect your home

Your guide to the best places to buy Clorox wipes and other bleach cleaners right now

Where to buy Clorox wipes
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Wondering where to buy Clorox wipes right now? You're not alone. These handy disinfectant wipes have become massively popular during the current health crisis. You're probably thinking that Clorox wipes are all sold out absolutely everywhere, and you might be right. 

However, we have unearthed some stock from time to time. To help take some of the legwork out of hunting, we've put together this list of the best places to buy Clorox wipes and other Clorox bleach cleaning products – these are the retailers that are most likely to have some in stock, if there is any anywhere.

Be aware that Clorox wipes are still very much in demand, and stock levels are fluctuating all the time, so you might need to bookmark this article check back a few times before you get your hands on some. 

Keeping regularly used surfaces clean and disinfected is a key step you can take to keep you and your family healthy during this pandemic. Clorox wipes are one of the cleaning products of choice in the US, along with things like Lysol spray (check out our guide to where to buy Lysol spray for more on that).

It's also important to cover your face when out in public – here's our guide to the best face masks, if you've not kitted yourself out with one yet – and washing your hands regularly or using hand sanitizer

To browse all the big stockists, use the quick links below – be aware that you probably won't be in luck right now when it comes to Clorox wipes, but many of these stores do have other Clorox bleach and disinfectant products available to buy. Alternatively, continue reading to view direct buying options. We'd urge you to please shop responsibly and buy only what you need.

  • Meijer – Clorox wipes in stock at some stores! Click to check local availability
  • Instacart – Click through to see availability of Clorox wipes in your local area
  • Amazon.com Plenty of Clorox cleaners in stock
  • NewEgg – Clorox wipes in stock, but beware very inflated prices from 3rd party sellers
  • Target – Variety of Clorox cleaning products in stock, some for delivery, some pickup-only
  • Staples.com – Lots of Clorox cleaning products in stock, with free next-day delivery
  • Home Depot – Check availability of Clorox wipes and cleaning products
  • Kmart – Clorox cleaners in stock; some pickup-only
  • Office Depot – Check availability of Clorox wipes and other cleaners
  • Walgreens – Mostly pickup-only
  • Lowe's – shop Clorox cleaning products, pickup-only
  • Grainger.com – Check availability

These are the places we've found Clorox wipes and other Clorox cleaning products in stock and available to buy right now.

Clorox Wipes (Fresh Scent) | $2.49 at Meijer
In stock in some stores!
Although you'll need to pick it up in person, at time of writing 96 Meijer stores were showing stocks of Fresh Scent Clorox wipes. Click through to see availability in your local area. These in-demand wipes are safe for use on finished wood, sealed granite and stainless steel.View Deal

Clorox Splash-Less Liquid Bleach | $3.99 at Target
This 77oz carton of Clorox no-splash bleach is available to order at Target. Get it shipped straight to your door (there's free shipping on orders over $35), or check your local store for availability.View Deal

Clorox Pine-Sol All Purpose Cleaner (144oz) | $9.59 at Staples
It's not a wipe, but it will disinfect your home just as well as a Clorox wipe will. Grab a bottle of this all-purpose cleaner, with a lemon fresh scent, at Staples right now. There's free next-day delivery, too.View Deal

Clorox toilet bowl cleaner with bleach | $2.80 at Staples
Free next-day delivery!
Keep your loo clean and sanitary with this Clorox cleaner with bleach. It has a clinging gel formula for deep cleaning, and a fresh scent. It's also in stock at Office DepotView Deal

Clorox Germicidal Bleach (3 x 121oz) | $46.99 at NewEgg
Pick up three 121oz bottles of Clorox Concentrated Germicidal Bleach at NewEgg right now. Bleach is a sure-fire way to fight off harmful germs, and this can be used throughout your home.
View Deal

Clorox Bleach Toilet Bowl Cleaner (12-pack) | $36.09 at Staples
If you're needing more cleaner, you can grab this 12-pack of Clorox Bleach toilet bowl cleaner at Staples right now. There's also free next-day delivery!
View Deal

Shop all Clorox wipes at ebay
You might be able to buy some Clorox wipes on ebay, but proceed with caution. Many have artificially hiked-up prices, and you'll want to check it's coming from a reputable seller before you commit.
View Deal

OUT OF STOCK Clorox wipes value pack | $16.99 at Staples
FIRST RESPONDERS AND HEALTHCARE ONLY – Clorox wipes are in stock at Staples, but only available to order if you work in a healthcare or first response role. If that's you, you can order a 225-wipe pack of these bleach-free, all-purpose, disposable cleaning wipes right now. They have antibacterial power, and should killing 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.
View Deal

OUT OF STOCK Clorox wipes with micro-scrubbers | $10.19 at Staples
Want a bit more scrubbing power? Pick up these Clorox wipes with built-in micro-scrubbers from Staples. These Clorox wipes are textured to power through tough messes and effectively kill bacteria and viruses.
View Deal

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